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. Box 4044 HV - Vanity WD4OIN 445 12th Street SW ULS License ULS | FCC | ULS License - Vanity License - NI4BK - AZALEA COAST AMATEUR RADIO CLUB ATTN JACK A JACOBS WTB > 0004511408 ULS Online Systems (for Non-Individuals Only) Operator Class FCC > - ULS Home Effective Wireless | JACOBS, JACK A | Updates Club Station Preference List | Find People - Archive License Search FCC Home - Application Search Trustee/Custodian FCC Site Map KG4KUF - Technical Support Radio Service Group Wilmington, NC 28406 TTY: 1-717-338-2824 Licensee ULS Help Auth Type - Online Help Tech Support Licensee Name | For Consumers License Search - ULS Online Filing Prev.

Call Sign NI4BK (Vanity) Amateur Club AZALEA COAST AMATEUR RADIO CLUB About ULS Cancellation Basic Qualifications Prev. Class ULS Glossary Eligibility - About ULS Call Sign CORES 10/29/2010 New Search Printable Page Reference Copy Universal Licensing System - FAQ | Search Has the applicant or any party to this application, or any party directly or indirectly controlling the applicant, ever been convicted of a felony by any state or federal court?

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    Begonia Grandis Evansiana Uk