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. ISHS Contact Consultation I use my private computer to logon (= logon forever or logon until explicit logout) this link to create and activate an ISHS user acccount first. An ISHS user account is valid for ISHS membership, pay-per-view article downloads, abstract submission,. Index International Society for Horticultural Science Login/Logout ISHS Home The vase life of two varieties of Alstroemeria are described in detail, together with quantitative data on colour and mass change in the petals during this period.

The effects of the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide are shown, as are those of exogenous ethylene. The results indicate that cycloheximide, either as a pulse or when applied continuously, has no beneficial effects on flower vase life. Treatment with chloroethylphosphonic acid accelerated perianth abscission indicating that this process is ethylene sensitive.

Finally, work currently in progress to isolate suitable molecular probes for senescence is described along with the sequences of two partial cDNAs putatively encoding b-tubulin and ubiquitin genes. DOI: Status statistics Acta Horticulturae After login you can download the full-text version of the following article: 10.

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    Azalea Bonsai Uk