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  • Published: 23 Feb 2007 Vol. 6 674-679 Information
  • Issue Date: 25 Jan 2008 ISSN: 0191-2917 e-ISSN: 1943-7692
  • Scott Adkins , United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, United States Horticultural Research Laboratory, 2001 South Rock Road, Fort Pierce, FL 34945, USA Pages: Corresponding author: Scott Adkins E-mail: Share on 13 October 2016 | Journal of Plant Biology, Vol. 27 July 2018 | Plant Health Progress, Vol.


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  • Ivanka Kamenova 18 December 2015 | Scientific Reports, Vol. 1 9 July 2015 | Genome Announcements, Vol. 4 25 July 2019 | Phytopathology Research, Vol.


  • Ivanka Kamenova and E-mail Address: June 2004 Subscribe
  • Publisher’s Home 6 July 2015 | Annals of Applied Biology, Vol. 1 Three aspects of the infection process of a new tobamovirus species, Hibiscus latent Fort Pierce virus, recently isolated from hibiscus in Florida, were examined: (i) transmission efficiency of rub-, slash-, and cut-inoculation for two hibiscus cultivars, Pink Versicolor and Brilliant Red; (ii) distribution within infected hibiscus plants; and (iii) treatments to prevent infection during plant propagation and pruning.

    Rub-, slash-, and cut-inoculation methods were all effective and yielded infection rates of 66, 74, and 70%, respectively, in Pink Versicolor and 50, 56, and 38%, respectively, in Brilliant Red. Analysis of virus distribution in infected plants over time revealed that the virus moved from the place of inoculation to the roots and then toward the bottom (oldest) leaves of the plants. Virus was found in all leaves on branches of Brilliant Red plants at 210 days postinoculation, whereas it remained restricted to the bottom and middle leaves of Pink Versicolor plants at 290 days postinoculation.

    Although several treatments of tools reduced infection of hibiscus during experiments mimicking plant propagation and pruning, 10% (wt/vol) sodium hypochlorite and 20% (wt/vol) nonfat dry milk completely prevented infection. 23 October 2017 | Plant Pathology, Vol.

    3 OPEN Open Access license Transmission, In Planta Distribution, and Management of Hibiscus latent Fort Pierce virus, a Novel Tobamovirus Isolated from Florida Hibiscus Home Plant Disease Vol. 6 Transmission, In Planta Distribution, and Management of Hibiscus latent Fort Pierce virus, a Novel Tobamovirus Isolated from Florida Hibiscus Article History Transmission, In Planta Distribution, and Management of Hibiscus latent Fort Pierce virus, a Novel Tobamovirus Isolated from Florida Hibiscus | Plant Disease

  • Track Citations Published Online: 23 Feb 2007 https://doi. 674
  • Wechat 27 July 2018 | Plant Health Progress, Vol. 1
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  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Manufacturing ^Elon Musk: Netflix, YouTube are coming to your Tesla<
  • Remembering Desiyunna: Memory of slain teen keeps family strong
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    We could be talking about $560 a month in student loan payments, for example, for a couple with a $40,000 take-home income. MOVED

  • Woman charged with murder after allegedly dropping baby during fight
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  • Education Costs ^Polaris launches rebranding campaign, aims to diversify audience< 201 N. Troup St ^Michael Smolens: Climate change and California's coming insurance crisis< News Service: [email protected] Com (TNS)
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  • Social Affairs ^RECEIVE TNS BUSINESS BUDGETS BY EMAIL< After an hour of socializing amid surveillance equipment, Palmer Luckey, the company's 26-year-old near-billionaire founder, mounted a stage for the ribbon-cutting.

    Luckey had wanted to use the company's namesake sword — a legendary weapon in "The Lord of the Rings" wielded by the hero Aragorn — for the ceremony. A replica of the movie prop hangs on the wall in the office, dramatically underlit with a purple bulb. But Luckey had just gotten back from his honeymoon and hadn't had time to sharpen it.

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  • Residential Real Estate A clear sky. Tonight (31601) Today ^Survey: Real estate is back as Americans' favorite long-term investment< 550 by Ally Marotti in Chicago.

    MOVED The 1-column x 4-inch graphic, Wall Street, will be posted by 6:30 p.

    850 by Kevin Hamlin in Beijing. MOVED

  • Valdosta man's search for family's roots leads to arrest in 2001 killing
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  • EDITORIAL: Legislators should take control of SGMC ^KIDS AND MONEY< The idea is to make the marijuana purchasing experience more inviting and warm — that's where the name Sunnyside came from, Caltabiano said. The giant coffee chain's stock essentially had been dead money for three years running, trading around $52 a share just as it had in mid-2015, as investors saw little to cheer about.

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  • Little Steps, Big Vision: Former Major Leaguer Stephen Drew launches Gnats Baseball Academy
  • New Products And Services 1100 by James Royal. MOVED ^US-China talks set to resume as neither seems eager for a deal< 700 by Dee DePass.

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  • Marijuana [BC-MCT-BUSINESS-BJT] | Business | valdostadailytimes. Com Developments planned for high-risk fire zones are not only being challenged politically and legally over whether they diminish the quality of life for people living nearby, but also over public safety and climate change concerns. ^UnitedHealth grows in market questioned by critics< These features regularly move on Monday:
  • Marketing And Advertising USCHINA-TRADE:BLO — Almost three months after their trade talks broke down in acrimony, Chinese and American negotiators meet again in Shanghai this week amid tempered expectations for breakthroughs in their yearlong trade war.


    8% of take-home income to student loan payments, based on a new study by the JPMorgan Chase Institute.

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  • Propst requests hearing, will ‘vehemently contest’ charges
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  • New burger joint comes to Valdosta Find here a daily Wall Street roundup graphic featuring Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq data.

    ^How Starbucks has picked up steam again< Earlier this year, Minnetonka, Minn. -based UnitedHealth Group acquired a company called HealthMarkets Inc

    . , which includes a division for supplemental insurance policies that last year covered about 850,000 people.
  • Georgia Public Notices 150 by Emily DeRuy.

    Com ^Erin Arvedlund: Chapter 13 bankruptcy for student loans? It's possible< ^The Journey: 5 things retirees should do with their credit< Business Budget for Monday, July 29, 2019 ^Survey: More than 1 in 4 delivery drivers taste the food they're dropping off< ^FOOD-DELIVERY:SJ—

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  • Text Alerts Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said so himself when, over the weekend, he went on Twitter and dropped a few bits of information about what Tesla drivers can expect to soon see on their car screens: Netflix and YouTube.

    Musk said an update to Tesla's vehicle operating system, called V10, will be available in a matter of weeks and include "several games and infotainment options", including the capability to stream Netflix and YouTube videos on a car's video screen. ^PFP-TOMPOR-COLUMN:DE—

    Valdosta, GA

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  • Illinois 1100 by Michael Smolens. MOVED That may seem counterintuitive, particularly to those who pay off their homes, cars and other debt by the time retirement is on the horizon. Retirement itself, in fact, doesn't hurt a credit score directly.

  • Student Financial Aid Photo Service: [email protected] Com ^Can you buy a house without a Realtor?<
  • Celebrations "I'm from the Internal Revenue Service and I have some questions about your tax return. First, I need your Social Security number to verify your account.


  • Inmate dies at Valdosta State Prison; homicide suspected
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  • Start a Subscription ^CPT-ANDURIL-DRONE:LA— . , headquarters of Anduril Industries, a defense tech start-up, to sip hibiscus margaritas and admire the sensor towers and carbon-fiber drones on display. Dave Brubeck tinkled over the sound system, and the dress code skewed office casual and pastel, offset by the bright red pop of a lone "Make America Great Again" hat by the taco bar. MOVED Note, we aren't saying you can get rid of — or discharge — student loan debt. Instead, if you want to package and repay your student loans, it's possible under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, says Jay Fleischman, a student loan lawyer and operator of MoneyWise Law in New York and California.

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  • Stock Markets The layoffs come just a few weeks after Khosrowshahi announced that Rebecca Messina, Uber's global chief marketing officer, was ending her nine-month stint at the company and Uber was combining its public relations and marketing departments under Jill Hazelbaker, who was then senior vice president of communications and public policy.

    "Marketing is so important to our business, and our brand continues to be challenged," Khosrowshahi said in an email explaining the decision to combine the departments in June. ^OTHER BUSINESS NEWS<

  • Add Search Toolbar 950 by Sarah Li Cain. MOVED
  • Personal Finance ^< 650 by Janet Kidd Stewart.


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  • Other Products ^PFP-KIDSANDMONEY:MCT—<"I have some important information about your credit card, and I need to verify your account number. " But Starbucks' prospects and its stock took off again a year ago and, after the company posted another strong quarter Thursday, the stock has now soared 93% in the last 12 months, making it the biggest gainer in the Standard & Poor's 500 index in that period.

    11 a share on Friday, the chain now has a market value of $121 billion.

  • Internet Technology 550 by Johana Bhuiyan. MOVED Updated: July 29, 2019 @ 10:55 pm ^POLARIS-REBRANDING:MS—

    The dispensaries will be welcoming and bright and will create room for customers to learn about the products, said Joe Caltabiano, president and co-founder of the Chicago-based cannabis company. There will be light wood tones and sunflower-colored accents. According to a new survey from US Foods, about 28% of drivers admitted to taking food from deliveries, which people place through apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash.

    More than half said they were tempted by the smell of the food they were charged with dropping off.

  • Personal Bankruptcy ^DAILY MARKETS GRAPHIC < But despite their great long-term returns they've averaged about 10% annually for decades stocks are no longer Americans' favorite long-term investment. What is? According to a nationwide Bankrate survey, it's real estate.

  • Local Public Notices 750 by Erin Arvedlund.


  • Corporate News Recent reports detail how homeowner insurance policies in regions prone to wildfire — like San Diego's rural areas — are being canceled or becoming significantly more expensive.

  • Knapp: 'Can't have culture without foundation' ^Uber lays off about 400 employees in marketing department reorganization<
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  • ZACHARY: Doesn't matter whether or not you consider yourself racist PHOTO Tribune News Service is available on our website, www.

    Subscribers can access 30 days' worth of budgets with clickable links to stories and art; stories searchable by subject and category with links to images; and an easy-to-search archive of more than 1 million items — stories, photos, graphics, illustrations, paginated pages and caricatures. CRESCO-NAMECHANGE:TB — Cresco Labs is renovating its 56 marijuana dispensaries around the country, including five in Illinois, and reopening them under a single brand name: Sunnyside

  • East Asia Phone: 229-244-1880 First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. MOVED Company officials were to announce Monday the rebranding effort for the Minnesota-based maker of outdoor vehicles from ATVs to boats. ^PFP-ARVEDLUND-COLUMN:PHI—

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    I will need your account number and your Social Security number. " The company is pursuing a three-pronged approach that includes the name change, a new logo and a new marketing effort that aims to use more women, millennials, blacks, Latinos and other groups who might not be as familiar with Polaris' vast array of products, officials said. ^Kids and Money: Warn your teen about identity theft< ^A 26-year-old billionaire is building virtual border walls — and the federal government is buying< Updated at 6 p. EDT (1800 UTC) ^UNITEDHEALTH:MS—

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  • Financial Markets Two days of talks are scheduled to restart Tuesday after an uneasy truce reached by Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Osaka, Japan, last month.

    Deep tensions remain, though, and recent days have brought mixed signals from both sides, with neither showing an urge to compromise.

    Begonia Rex Red