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Azaleas Dolls Snow Queen

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. 45 Hongmen Road,Tai’an,Shandong,271000,China Tel:86-538-8066635 E-mail:[email protected] Com 下一篇: Natural Heritage The ancient trees in Mount Taishan have experienced a long history, which are called as living fossils and relics.

【Font size Big Medium Small】 The vegetation is of great &#118alue in biodiversity protection. It is studied in Mount Taishan that there are 6 rare plant species: Corydalis repens Mand. Et Muhldorf, Salvia multiorrhiza Bage. Li, Crotalaria sessiliflora, Viburmum sergeantil Koehne, Juglans cathayensis Dode, Actinidia kolomita (Rupr.

Maxim) Planch; 5 plant species, such as Polygala tenuifolia Willd, Rhododendron mucronulatum Turcz and Viburnum schensianum Maxim; 26 threatened plant species: Glycine soja Sieb. Et Zucc, Forsythia suspense (Thunb) Vahl, Stemona ssessilifolia, Lilium lancifolium Thunb, Orobanche coerulescens Steph), Platycodon grandiflorus (Jacp), Begonia inensis D.

, Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch. ) Bunge, Cynanchum paniculatum, Betula chinensis Maxin, Actinidia arguta (Sieb.

Zucc) Planch, Gymnopteris bipinnata Christ. Aurculata Ching, Rosa rugosa Thunb


Fang, Schisandra chinensis Baill, Crataegus shandongensis F.

Liang, Lithospermum erythrorhizon Sieb. Zucc, Lindernia taishanensis F. Li, Pinellia ternate Brit, Typhonium giganteum Engl, Allium taishanensis J


Xu, Veratrum nigrum L, Dioscorea nipponica Makin;13 endangered plant species: Pteroceltis tatarinowii Maxim, Sorbus taishanensis F. Chen, : Populus pseudo-tomentosa C. Tung, Mitrasaeme indica Wight, Cynanchum bungei Deene, Lithospermum erythrorhizon, Eriocaulon taishanensis, Polygonatum sibiricum Delar. Ex Redoute, Codonopsis lanecolata Trautv, Pinellia tuber、Polygala root, Asparagus cochinchinensis、Poria cocos.

It is statistics that there are 22 plant species enjoying the national-level protection (artificial cultivated ones included), among them, 2 species enjoy the first-rate national protected, 15 the second-rate national protected and 5 the third-rate national protected (Table 5-3). In the scale of China, these species are necessary to be protected immediately. The plants in Mount Taishan Geopark are very abundant (Fig. The vegetation here belongs to the North China Flora, with the temperate and warm temperate species. Mount Taishan owns representative elements of 15 seed-floras of China (Table 5-1).

According to the plant types, this area belongs to the temperate flora, with some sibling relation to the tropic flora (Fig. Affected by Huanghai Sea and Bohai Bay, the rainfall here is sufficient, it is the transitional zone between the dry and humid climates.

Therefore, the plants here are of great importance in scientific research

. At the same time, the vegetation in Mount Taishan Geopark is the important component of forming the beautiful scenery. Together with splendid natural and cultural landscapes, these trees themselves have become attractive sightseeing spots.

Author: Time: 2009/9/16 14:47:00Hits: 13105Class: ★★★ After all, the numerous ancient trees are closely related to the cultural history of over several thousand years in Mount Taishan, they are the direct evidence of its history, culture and religion, they are called as living relics of the geopark. Therefore, the conversation of biodiversity in Mount Taishan Geopark is of great importance in its sustainable development. The forest in Mount Taishan is a product of primary forest mixed with the secondary forest.

The ancient trees have been carefully protected by all generations. It has proved that there are 18,195 trees aged over 100 years on Mount Taishan, categorizing into 45 species and 27 families. Among them, there are 1,821 first-rate ancient trees (over 300 years old), and 24 trees are listed on the list of world heritage of Mount Taishan (Table 5-4), such as the Pine of Qin Dynasty, Cypress of Han Dynasty, Guest-greeting pine, Sisters Pine, Pagodatree of Tang Dynasty and Ginkgo of Tang Dynasty (Fig. Some of these ancient trees record some important historic events in Chinese history, some of them are related to some beautiful legends. Ancient trees There are 53 endemic species in Shandong, among them, 10 species in Mount Taishan (Zang Dekui, et al.

, 2000), they are: Crataegus shandongensis, Salix taishanensis, Eriocaulon taishanensis, Vitex simplicifolia, Cyperus shandongensis, Sorbus taishanensis, Securinega multiflora, Rhus taishanensis, Libanotis jinanensis and Viola taishanensis. Affected by geology, geomorphology, climate and hydrology, there are three soil types in the geoaprk, they are: brown soil, drab soil and meadow soil, the brown soil is predominant. The vertical distribution of soils is clear from the foot to summit, occurred by the order from common brown soil, acid brown soil, mountainous dark brown soil to shrub meadow soil.

Among them, the acid brown soil has the widest distribution from the elevation of 200 m to 1000 m. 2% of the total area of Mount Taishan.

The soils in Mount Taishan are fertile, rich in organic matters (generally 2-3%, the highest up to 8%), which provide a good base for dense vegetation. Copyright:2010 The Construction and Management Office of Taishan Globle Geopark, PRC All Rights Reserved Powered by: tadoo Outline of soils The vegetation in Mount Taishan is the typical representative of warm temperate defoliate-broadleaf forest community, distributed in the Chinese pine secondary forest in the upper part of Mount Taishan and oak, arborvitae secondary forest in the lower part of Mount Taishan, which become the important idioplasm pool. Vegetation and precious and rare plants Current Position: Index>> Mount Taishan Global Geopark>> Culture Heritage The forest coverage is up to 81


5%, and the vegetation coverage is over 90%. However, the vegetation in the scenic area is composed of artificial forest, including arborvitae, Chinese pine, sawtooth oak, acacia and cork oak, etc. , with a lot of associated tree species.

There are 1,858 plant species (322 artificial cultivated ones included), among them, the lower plants are 446 species, and the higher plants 1,412 species, categorizing into 645 genera and 174 families (Table 5-2). The medical herbs in Mount Taishan are very abundant, with 448 species belonging to 110 families, the most famous ones are: Codonopsis lanceolata, Lithospermum erythrorhizon, Polygonum multiflorum, Polygonatum sibiricum, which are the precious treasures in Chinese medical resources. Mount Taishan Geopark is located in the temperate monsoon climate zone, the big difference of elevation and complicated topography form a variety of climatic factors, which provide a suitable environment for various plant and animal species.

Azaleas Dolls Snow Queen