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Azalea Flowering Season

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. Bouquet is approximately 13" W X 18" H Orientation: All-Around As Shown : TFWEB575. We use a variety of ecuadorian roses called Cool Water for this arrangement.

Sweet smelling Sterling roses are very popular but not always. Oakland, Seulberger Flowers Oakland 562 14th St Oakland, CA.

94612 (510) 601-7600 CA 94612 Purple royalty Lavender Seulberger Flowers Oakland Mike Purple royalty in Oakland, CA | Seulberger Flowers Oakland Store & Pick-Up Address Seulberger Flowers Oakland 562 14th St Petal Jewelry Pricing Menu Must choose your wristband in a separate cart selection. (Option1) If you do not choose a wristband, an elastic band will be added to your order for an additional 8. 00 charge ​ Sheer Ribbon Color Options: Please completely fill out all fields below to order.

 ​​ Petal Jewelry ​ Alstroemeria Color Options: ​ Also, please note that the pieces in the photos have been blinged up. The sparkles and fun accents are found in option 3 on this page. We take bling pretty seriously here at Lil’ Pear, that is why we are home to the bling bar! If you would like to choose your own bling, place your order and come on in! ​ Filler Flower Options: Filler Flower Option ​ Please Note: Shipping Instructions/Contract White Wax Flower ​Ranunculus is the single hottest option for corsages this year.

They are in everything and found just about everywhere. They are a specialty flower that provides a touch of class to any corsage. Alstroemeria is also a very desirable flower choice when it comes to corsages because of the wide color variety in which it grows.

This corsage will have two ranunculus (must be same color) and two alstroemeria (must be same color) to total 4 blooms. ​ Ranunculus Color Options: What is Freeze Dry Our store is open for you to pick up your order between the hours of12:00pm - 5:30 pm on Friday and from 10:00am and 2:00pm on Saturday. Our Lil’ Pear Team will make a courtesy reminder up call to all orders not picked up by 1:45pm.

Though we do try to exceed the expectations of our clients, our shop cannot promise late pick-up times. Refunds will not be given due to late pick-up. Freeze Dry Prep and FAQ Each corsage and boutonniere will come with complementary greenery


The greenery selected by our designers may differ slightly from the greenery in the photos. No worries! Our designers will select the absolute best greenery option for the piece that you have ordered. Pick up Information: Greenery Pricing & Information Lastly, know we are always here to help you, if you would like to speak to a member of the Lil’ Pear Team contact us at 989-631-5673.

Gold, Silver, Red, Navy, Lavender, Black, White, Cream, Pink, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Designers Choice White Wax, Pink Wax, Baby’s Breath Bling! What is Petal Jewelry Purple Wax Flower Corsage Customers: White, Pink, Wine, Light Pink White, Yellow, Light Pink/White, White/Purple, Wine.

Azalea Flowering Season